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Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune
University Id No.: PU/PN/Engg./047/(1983) Approved By AICTE, DTE . DTE Admission code 6151
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Download Time Table and Academic Calender the year 2016-17

SE PPP Online Sem-II-2012 Phase-1             
SE PPP Online Sem-II-2012 Phase-2             
SE PPP Online Sem-II-2015 Phase-1             
SE PPP Online Sem-II-2015 Phase-2             
TE PPP Exam Instructions             
TE PPP Insem Exam Sem-II             
BE PPP Exam Instructions             
BE PPP Insem Exam Sem-II             
BE 08 Comp Nov-16             
BE 08 IT Name List Nov-16             
BE 08 Mech Nov-16             
BE-12 Civil Nov-16             
BE-12 Comp Oct-16             
BE-12 Comp Oct-16-1             
BE-12 ENTC Oct-16             
BE-12 IT Oct-16             
BE-12 IT Oct-16-1             
BE 12 Mech Oct-16             
BE 12 Mech SW Oct-16             
SE-08 Civil Oct-16             
SE-08 Comp Oct-16             
SE-08 ENTC Oct-16             
SE-08 Mech Oct-16             
SE-08 Mech SW-Oct-16             
SE-12 Comp Oct-16             
SE-12 Cvil Oct-16             
SE-12 Cvil Oct-16-1             
SE-12 ENTC Oct-16             
SE-12 Mech Oct-16             
SE-12 Mech SW Oct-16             
SE-12 Mech SW Oct-16-1             
SE-14 Civil Oct-16             
SE-14 Comp Oct-16             
SE-14 ENTC Oct-16             
SE-14 IT Oct-16             
SE-14 Mech Oct-16             
SE-15 civil Oct-16             
SE-15 Comp Oct-16             
SE-15 ENTC Oct-16             
SE-15 IT Oct-16             
SE-15 Mech Oct-16             
SE-15 Mech SW Oct-16             
TE.08 Civil Oct. 16             
TE.08 Comp Oct. 16             
TE.08 ENTC Oct. 16             
TE.08 IT Oct. 16             
TE.08 MECH Oct. 16             
TE.08 MECH-SW Oct. 16             
TE.08 PC Oct. 16             
TE.08 PETRO Oct. 16             
TE.12 Civil Oct. 16             
TE.12 Comp Oct. 16             
TE.12 ENTC Oct. 16             
TE.12 IT Oct. 16             
TE.12 MECH Oct. 16             
TE.12 MECH-SW Oct. 16             
F.E. Time Table - 2016-17             
F.E. Academic Calender 2016-17             


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