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About MAEER Group

MAEER was the first step of the revolution in the education scenario of Maharashtra. Maharashtra, the third largest state in the country, with a rich heritage, known as the land of saints and also, the one which gave great leaders to the world had yet to progressed in the field of education. more...

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National Board of Accreditation

Recently Accrediated program:
Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication, Petroleum Engineering, Polymer Engineering
Times of India National Ranking

27th in All Indiaincluding IITs & NITs

7th in Western Region

8th in All India Private Engineering Institutes

Academic Performance Appreciation Scheme ( APAS )

Students who are lagging behind in academics realize their mistakes and try to exert their maximum to improve the performance. Even if they accelerate their progress, it is difficult for them to reach the top suddenly if the gap is substantial.Their continuous efforts with determination to surpass self performance record by substantial amount needs to be duly recognized and encouraged.Every time I am doing better than earlier, is a great feeling and if it is appreciated by others, one really gets highly motivated to continue in putting such hard work.



Principal of the institute would like to advise the entire student community to be extremly cautions while posting anything on the social media .


Notice Board
FE Academic Calendar 2016-17
12 Jan. 2017
TE Result Nov. 2016
13 Jan. 2017
List of outstanding fees 2017
09 Jan. 2017
FE II SEM Academic calendar-2016-2017
02 Jan. 2017
Students list not filled Scholarship Form
27th Dec. 2016
FE Time Table 2016-17 Semester II
15th Dec. 2016
OUTSTANDING FEE Notice 2016-17
08th Dec. 2016
E.B.C. Notice 2016
26th Oct. 2016
S.E.Examination Name List Oct.-Nov. 2016
04th Oct. 2016
B.E.Examination Name List Oct.-Nov. 2016
04th Oct. 2016
MBA Examination Notice
27th Sept. 2016
T.E.Examination Name List Oct.-Nov. 2016
22th Sept. 2016
Parents Teacher Notice-2016
20th Sept. 2016
14th Sept. 2016
FE. 2014 Name List Oct. Nov. 16
10th Sept. 2016
FE. 2015 Name List Oct. 16
10th Sept. 2016
FE. 2008 Name List Oct. Nov. 16
10th Sept. 2016
FE. 2012 Name List Oct. Nov. 16
10th Sept. 2016
Notice 2016
06th Sept. 2016
Uttcha & Tantrashikshin Vibhag
06th Sept. 2016
Adivasi Vikas Vibhag
06th Sept. 2016
Samajik Nya Vishesh Sahaya
06th Sept. 2016
Parent Teacher Meet-2016-17
01st Sept. 2016
Outstanding Fee NOTICE-2016-17
01st Sept. 2016
Scholarship/Freeship on line form
24th Aug 2016
GATE Scholarshlip Notice 2016-17
23rd Aug 2016
M.E. 2013 Pattern Reuslt Petroleum
10th Aug 2016
10th Aug 2016
Eligiblity No. A.Y. 2015-16
09th Aug 2016
Eligiblity No. A.Y. 2014-15
09th Aug 2016
09th Aug 2016
Admission to Post-Graduate Engineering courses
09th Aug 2016
BE Insem Exam PPP Circular
08th Aug 2016
TE Insem Exam PPP Circular
08th Aug 2016
Admission Procedure MBA-2016-17
03rd Aug 2016
F.E. Time Table - 2016-17
03rd Aug 2016
FE Academic Calender 2016-17
02nd Aug 2016
FE Induction Program
02nd Aug 2016
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