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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering - Laboratories
(Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering under MITPUNE is now MIT-WPU School of Electronics & Communication Engineering)

Advanced Communication & Digital Circuits Lab

Precise and automated readings at angular intervals of 1 degree or 5 degrees for plotting directivity patterns for various types of wire and micro-strip antennas up to 2 GHz can be taken using Amitec Make Antenna Trainer Kit and Signet Antenna Set-up.

Communication Systems, Microwave & Measurement Lab
3 GHz Vector Network Analyzer (Agilent Make), 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzers (R&S and Agilent Make), Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (Agilent Make) are used to make precise measurements including S-parameters and antenna input impedance measurements.
Advanced communication and microwave lab facilities like Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer etc are used for testing and experiment based consultancy.

Digital Systems (NVIDIA CUDA Parallel Computing) Lab

This lab has six workstations with five GTX 280 and one Tesla C1060 GPU Hardware cards. The workstations contain Asus P6T Motherboards with Intel i7, 920, 2.66GHz CPUs.
B.E. and M.E. Projects are being developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, Pune. Students develop advanced algorithms in parallel computing in NVIDIA CUDA Parallel Computing Laboratory.

Electrical Machines Lab

High Voltage testing facility with testing voltage 100kV is set up in Electrical Machines Laboratory in collaboration with the Department of Polymer Engineering. This facility can be used for dielectric breakdown test of various materials like polymer composites, insulating materials etc. The testing facility with testing voltage 25 kV for oil immersed objects is also available.

Other Supporting Labs Include,

  • Electronic Circuits labs
  • Digital Signal Processing & Image Processing Lab
  • Computer Software and Hardware Labs
  • Power Electronics & Control Systems Lab

Apart from using the laboratories, students use various software packages for their experiments and projects. Internet access is available in all laboratories.

Software packages available in the department are-

  • MATLAB 11 b with various toolboxes
  • XILINX 10.1
  • Microwind 3
  • Qualnet
  • Labview 2010
  • Multisim
  • IE3D 15.1
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